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We have been manufacturing professional slicers for more than 60 years

We have been manufacturing professional slicers for more than 60 years and we can count on thousands of satisfied customers all over the world. We like to satisfy the most intriguing requests of professionals in the retail business and we are proud to admit that our slicers are a compendium of safety, reliability, operational functionality and advanced technology applied to slicing.

Our slicers are made with first quality, robust and food contact-approved materials, in compliance with the strictest EC directives. They distinguish by the compact shape, in aluminum alloy or in stainless steel. The manufacturing performed through our numerical control machines is guarantee of precision and durability. We also consider a must the security of all the electrical components, in order to protect the user, and we like to keep maintenance costs low.

What we offer is a complete range as for design and shapes, thought for workers in the retail business, large distribution and the restaurant industry who look for the best cut performance but nevertheless want to save time and be practical, leaving no margins for errors.

OMS Affettatrici

Top Quality

The use of stainless steel in particular such as: pulley shaft, wheel holder pins, bearings etc. it drastically lowers maintenance costs and ensures its efficiency and reliability over time!

All our products are 100% Made in Italy.

Thanks to the high quality standard, our items ensure appreciation by retailers and end customers.

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