ZANTE TGSPI 350 slicer on base 300

School canteens, medium-sized collectives, restaurants, butchers-delicatessens

Directly coupled gear transmission ensures good transmission force.

Sliding, sliding bar and thick blade guard, sail support protection, neat finishes, easy cleaning, resistant waterproofness around the pulley.

The base is identical for the 3 blade diameters.

It is a real 300 gears (it could be a 350 as its capacity is reduced in relation to the trolley)

Type of cold cuts: Cooked ham, 6/7 kg raw ham, all types of cured meats and cooked meats, cooked paste cheeses.

Number of seats: 200/300

This equipment is equipped with specific slides that ensure smooth and silent sliding regardless of the weight of the product housed on the plate.

Technical Specifications